When i first became acquainted with the frequency of death in this world,I felt weak.Weak to carry that burden of the rate at which human souls dissappear from this world.Someone's son,someone's father.A husband.A wife.A mother.A human does not die alone.All relationships he created in his life die with him too.A witness to the world,a breathing organism creating his identity in the world,turns to dust.I remember a haunting line i heard once."Did you do it?Did you say I love you?Did you say you changed my life?Because before you know it ,it might be too late".Countless lives interconnected.Wars,Tragedies,Muders.Where does weigh in all that?how do you decide the lives which are worth being killed.Justice systems all around the world still debate whether a death penalty should exist.We decided that murders deserve it.Its a long debate indeed.What about that common man who struggles everyday to provide for his family.Did he deserve it?That mother of three who struggles from suburb to suburb to survive.Did she have it coming?Something like this did happen on wednesday.People died.People who bore nothing for any cause -Left or Right,except silent opinions.They werent saints.They were helpless.In my neighbouring country they live a similar life.Billions live a similar life.Do you think they have time for those seven stages of grief?You think they have time to go through pain,depression,loneliness.NO.You hsave to pick up your life and start.Acceptance begins next day.those stages exist for hours.minutes sometimes.That is not a human spirit.That is a Tyranny rule.We are slaves to the world.Slave to survival.Slave to taxes.Slave to hardships.Slave to "deciders of Death".Is this life?Is this a favor on life?I refuse such favors.Gimme Life or gimme nothing at all.

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