Will you Merry me?

It begins with that awkward silence,
The smile and fear of anticipation,
Who will first break the pleasantries?
Will this flock of people accept me?

Tell them that cool band you like,
Don’t tell them how you hate a Blackberry!
They have to accept you and want you
Do you wanna be alone the next time they make a plan?

Impress them; tell them what they wanna hear,
Say something funny, avoid something stupid,
Soon it will be like you were born with them,
You will feel the Star of the Show,

You will lead from the front,
You will make them laugh
Or they will just text you LMFAO,
You will move your feet and hands in dance,
But you will still never come close to being good.

You want acceptance reception recognition affection,
And you will get all that you want my Son,
But don’t you for once forget that it’s all just for the sake of laughter,
They come together in mirth and frolic,
And bear apart in pain and anger,

When you look for shoulder to cry and yield,
Walls of your house will be your best friends
And blame them not for this folly,
It’s just how they are caught in this world of make believe fun,
Where it’s easier to laugh and make laugh than to be there to wipe a tear.
Emotions they hide in walls of cold eyes,
Weaknesses they shrug off with each glass of wine.

So Son if you can’t be like them,
Join and Be Merry till time goes away.
Till you realise how lonely in this crowd you are,
All over again…..

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