Lessons Of A 20 year Existence.....

A list of what i learnt in the first 20 years of my life...
Be Eccentric
The whole world is too busy being ordinary.So if even you do the same,why will anyone even remember you?If your friends constantly tell you "Your Weird",Take it as a compliment,it means you have something which others don't.(this in no way means you do crazy stuff which is surely going to land you up in the mental asylum)
Always be Larger Than Life
Lives are ordinary because of ordinary beliefs.I had once heard someone say " The greatest flaw we make is make our children believe in fairytales".I disagree."The greatest flaw we make is we don't make fairytales come true for our children".Believe in grand gestures,dreams and that there is more to life than living till u die.
Right Pays In the Long Run
There are going to be times where the lazy and unworthy will get more than you.The Cheaters,Liars and Selfish will beat you.But if you stoop to their level,its not revenge,but a reflection of your conscience.When you are wronged,don't go ahead and do the same.Remember,Two wrongs never made a right and never will.Righteousness pays,maybe not immediately but definitely in the long run.
Yes You Are ALWAYS Screwed
Also known as "I am always the victim" Syndrome,Everyone has felt it and said it out loud numerous times.Yes sometimes things will go worse than you can ever imagine and at the same time your best friend will have the best moments of their lives."God Hates You""There is no God" are different synonyms often used by us in such situations.And I am more than often wrong.Everyone has pain,equally in ways we can't comprehend.So be patient and remember,In these screwed up lives,its relying on each other which sails us through be it friends, family or lovers.
Always value the people in your life
.I have spent a considerable part of my life being introvert and often away from people.But nothing in this world is more engaging or interesting than human beings.We can love,hate,like,dislike,trust,fear,care and run from them but they will affect our lives the most.I have learnt to value them and appreciate their presence.They will teach you more about life than any book.
Every Sinner is a Saint
Everyone has committed a sin.Not the Seven Unforgivable sins.But somethings which we regret doing.But that's the things about childhood and teenage,nothing is permanent.Every mistake which we make can be rectified and changed,some take more effort and time,but there is redemption.And no single act will determine a person's character.No matter what you do,there is always a turn around.I guess this is the thing i will miss the most in adulthood.
Don't Rust Your Brains
The above statement is a quote from a very important educator in my life.She is one of the best teachers i have ever had and whatever i have achieved has been due to her.She would often tell me an important thing-"Devang,Don't Rust Your Brains".She meant i should always challenge myself  and keep my thinking faculties "in process".Knowledge is never enough.There is always something to learn till the very last day of our lives.Whenever i get complacent and lethargic,i remember this quote and always remember to give my best efforts into whatever i do.
Education is not all that you get in School
I have learnt more about life from movies,books and music than from my school books.I know what Respect is when Ethan  Hawke gets up on his bench and says"O Captain,My Captain" to Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.I know what evil is everytime I read "The Portrait Of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde.I know what grief is and what letting go means everytime I hear "Let It Be" Or "Hey Jude" and what love is when The Beatles croon "All You Need Is Love".Yes we can learn much more and even feel more than what we are taught in school.Life-Altering Experiences are everywhere.
So today on my birthday,I stand at the brink of a decision-to grow up and rise to my responsibilities or to give in to the Peter Pan Syndrome-Find Neverland and never grow up!Hope i make the correct choice....:)

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swet shah said...

really enjoyed reading this blog..you have made a brilliant point there...i feel the same towards life as you do in this blog..we grow up only when we accept responsibility..and liked the quote "DON'T RUST YOUR BRAINS"

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