O Feminism,Who Art Thou?

One of the first observations I ever made about the English language was of the word "Woman".I called it the most sexist term ever conceived.Why? Because it states "Woo man".It implied that the basic duty of a woman was to please a man.Naive.Ignorant.Yes I agree.Did it differ from what i saw in front of my eyes?No.This does not mean that my nuclear or extended family employed sexist practices.But they weren't rather pro feminist too.The purpose of my post is not to highlight how unfair the world is to the fairer sex.Its more than apparent.Even the sub-text and  the subconscious actions of the world population are full of it.What I am interested in is what exactly is feminism?Is it a movement to create an identity for women or to educate the masses about their plight?Or simply to provide resistance to male dominance?The various Feminist groups and activists are divided about their understanding and stand on this basic definition.
Wherever I have seen Feminism in action,its usually been used as an antithesis to chauvinism and male brutality.The means put in play to gain "equality" are fairly similar to those of men."What a man does,So will I." This often blurs the line of logic and morality.The Gender Wars end up being about who was the first to do it rather than what was the logical and right choice.The views of men on relationship,work,family and life in general are being used to varying extents by a large population of women throughout the world.Its true that such trends have helped to quell some of the archaic prejudices which have existed against women such as being bound by the identity of her husband and not being able to enjoy the same things as a man.But in all honesty,I do believe women should not smoke.Not because I am a SEXIST,but because I believe women to be smarter than men.This also makes me  point to a new aspect of feminist trends-We are flawed.Women today ask to be judged in the same light as men.They no longer demand being put on a higher pedestal.Why would someone want to give up that privilege?Because for far too long have women been victims of hypocrisy,They are told they are special and should be protected and at the same time they have been suppressed and stifled in cultures and society.A woman does not want a shell but an equal opportunity at life.
The guardians of Feminism and advocates of freedom should understand a basic thing-Feminism is a newborn child.40,000 years of Human History have been drenched with rules,traditions,rituals and precedents of male dominance.Men have made the world as we know it. Imagine birth of a new country with a new idea of governance.Can it rely on existing practices and laws of other nations?No.It has to evolve.It has to learn from its flaws and develop a stable system of operation.Similarly,Feminism needs a new and evolved perspective.Its simply not an opposition to MCP attitude or male dominance.Its quite simply Undefined.
A pure definition has to be free from present limits of society and various facets of life.The journey will be tough,There will be revolt and outrage,utter destruction of some schools of thoughts.But at last we may able to find the true identity and definition of the other half of mankind....

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Sanika said...

Feminism has its roots gripped in right from centuries where various practices were put into use by men inorder to protect the opposite sex. But over the years these practices have been mis interpretated by people as an inferiority element associated with women. A simple interpretation could make my point clear. Women in the Arab countries were safeguarded by cloth over their faces inorder to protect them from dust storms. but this idea was misused and wearing burqas was made mandatory by the society.This is example of how a necessity got converted into an enforcement. With no offence to any community, it only highlights that feminism these days has been misjudged and laws should be stringent to firstly define feminism and then act upon them.

Devang said...

Hmmmm I Agree..

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