The True Atheist

What is religion?Who came first?Man or Religion? If you ever tour this country,these questions will forever intrigue you.We are the land of religions more than snake charmers or butter chickens or poverty.Religion defines us.It unites us in its fervour more than even our nationality.Yet,it is the most scathing division man has ever drawn.
This nation has many lines.Deep and Old.Caste,Religion.Sex,Color and Regions, all divide us.Many people say that economic progress  will blur these lines. But in all honesty it just consolidates the discrimination into one uniform line-Have and the Have not's.And this discrimination is preferable i guess, for the world-Rich and Poor.Its logical and economic.But we are far from this unification of bias.Religion is often the root cause of the biases.It tells us that not all men are equal,that there are shudras and brahmins.That a woman has to behave in a certain manner and the man is free.That people differ because they do not believe in your God.The price for this inequality has been too grave.Its entrenched in blood of millions of innocent people.And yet the madness continues.
When thousands of us are mobilised to create violence,vandalism,disruption and riots,have we ever paused to think inward?Are we mere stones and sticks who are incapable of any rational thought?When someone declares that their's is the only God who exists,why is it that we rush to criticize,condemn and burst in anger?Is this how weak you are in your belief of God?
Every Religion condemns the Atheists-Those who do not believe in the existence of God.What about the latent form of atheism? When someone comes and attacks your belief, why are we so shaken and animated in our response?Are you not secure enough to believe in your God?
When you burn houses and people,destroy livelihoods and innocence, you are not defending you religion,you show how weak you are in your beliefs and convictions.More than the non-worshippers and the outright atheists,your God will be saddened by how much less of a faith you posses and how your blood boils when someone doesn't believe in what you do.Faith is personal.It is the most secure bond in the world.True faith cannot be displaced easily.Empty Faith based on deals,blindness and pretentiousness will blow away at the slightest trouble.True faith is silent and exists even in land of no temples.Hollow Faith will be loud enough to drown the voices of self doubt.
So rather than obsessing over other's religions and faiths,it is more vital to secure one's own beliefs.The idea that someone calls my God with some other name does not scare me.I have not seen God in his physical presence.i do not know how he actually looks,what name he prefers.But I believe in him.And i believe he does not want me to kill,abuse or disrespect anyone just because some human calls him by another name.Do you feel any different?

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