The Importance of Being Hated.

When asked about his views on Margaret Thatcher and her role as Prime Minister, Tony Blair said that if you are a decisive leader, you are bound to divide the masses and generate hate. This was a reply which even Lady Thatcher would have agreed with. This post is not about Mrs Thatcher. It is about the essential and almost suppressed quality she represented. Let me clarify that I am not so pretentious to compare myself to her, nor do I boast of possessing the highlighted qualities. 
We live in a status-quo world. No matter what happens, we love to "keep the peace". When it comes to issues with impact on millions of lives or situations where confrontations have huge drawbacks, this policy is a necessity. In the microscopic view of one’s life, status quo is becoming the silent rule. Don't like something, keep quiet. Again don't like something, keep quiet. It is force-fed to you, still keep quiet. The pressure of being liked and not being pointed at and mocked is our strongest drive in these times. The only stronger drive is perhaps money. Status-quo makes us become popular, friendly, reasonable and "understanding". Conformity is always desired over individuality.
Another aspect of this argument is how we become increasingly apathetic to things around us. Once we decide that things around us should not bother us, we let things slide one by one. Unfair laws, crimes, sickening corruption and decadence thrive and grow as we continue living unperturbed.
It is time that we let our true feelings, ideas and views come out in the public eye. Don't like what your friends said? Correct them. Don't agree with someone’s views on something vital to you? Give a Counter view. Don't want to do something because you hate it and others do it as it is "polite" and "everyone is doing it"? Don’t.
What is the worst that could happen? They will argue with you, dislike you and maybe even hate you. Take a stand for things you care about and what is right. Get Angry. Status-quo saves us the battle, but creates room for the repressive war. True friends accept you despite you. The world is busy discarding hatred of all forms. I am simply suggesting that when you are hated for your individuality or your decisiveness and when your moral compass is pointing to the true north, Endure it. It is always better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.

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