The Base Year Theory.

Anyone who has studied economics knows what a base year is. The Base year is a yardstick used to measure progress or trends in the future based on the past data. Its value is always 100. I have recently discovered that life too, makes us endure base years. A base year in life where you will face a series of bewildering bad luck and misery. Of course if you are a natural cynic like me, you will believe that major part of your life has gone in battling base years. And yet, each base year seems like a worse drought than before.
 Remember those scores of be "positive-soup for life-be strong-I got over it so can you" books and television programs? If you believed in them before, you will resent them now. Everything you thought you knew about life and yourself will change.
There is no age restriction to this theory. It will hit you when you are a kid or when you are 21 or 40 or even 60. Not every dog can have each day as his day. But long periods of pure No-days will be a sign for a base year. The most dominant factor will be utter hopelessness. Hope is as natural for us to feel as hunger. Even the biggest pessimist hopes. But in the base year, not only are the bets off, but the house has folded and relocated. True despair comes out of faint hopes being squashed. Grand dreams will tumble down and all purpose in life will be lost in obscurity. And one thing which must be understood of paramount importance-you decide whether you are in a good or bad place. 8 billion people cannot possibly agree, face or deal with same problems. The world will throw millions of stories and heckles at you for saying ‘ I am in a bad place right now’. They will argue continuously that you are better than this person in this country or that relative with that adversity. Go Deaf. You are you. What you go through or what you feel makes you unique. And common solutions cannot be applied to unique problems.
Empathetic people around you will tell you to "Keep the Faith". But pain and hopelessness are easy to be imagined but difficult to be felt artificially. So what do you do? I do not know. Did you expect me to tell you that you will overcome this adversity and "Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of your Past"? No. I am here to tell you that there is a Base year for everyone. And if and when you survive the base year, you will be able to compare your future easily with your past." Things are tough at work. But in the base year, I did not even have my dream job. I can survive this." "If only she would agree with me sometimes. But my ex always pretended to agree with me and as it turns out even pretended that she like me. My present is much better."
If you survive base, you truly are stronger than what the world will have you believe.

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