Happy Independence Day!

Friends, Foes, Former Acquaintances, The few Indians and even fewer Humans,
Lend me your attention,
We are called today to celebrate Freedom,
Freedom fought for by our forefathers,
And freedom paid in blood.
Six decades have passed since
And yet I feel the grip of the chains,
Vicious rings of oppression and subjugation,
Happy Independence Day!
Bound by the burden of your legacy,
The crime of being the Untouchable,
But Happy Independence Day!
Chained to the dirt and filth of poverty,
To watch as the Privileged bathe in the filth of vanity,
Happy Independence Day Indeed!
A country where you cannot kiss in public,
But in private, unattended rooms,
With naive and misplaced beliefs,
You can usher another billion,
To exhaust the riches of the nation,
And the joke by the Radicals still persists,
"We do not need Sex Education"
A Funny Independence Day it is!
Bharat Mata you call the nation,
And yet within the walls of your house,
Or in the streets and lanes of the Land,
You imprison and abuse her Daughters,
You put ropes and collars of society and family around them,
Then tell them "Fly but in the Sky we tell you"
How dare you celebrate Independence?
You divide her into pieces for the Language you speak
Or the religion you follow,
You want to build Temples at the cost of Unity,
Isn't your God within you and even me?
Happy Divided Independence Day!
They steal billions of money to feed their Greed,
I steal thousands to feed my kin's needs,
Yet you persecute me as "Tax Evader"
I do not want Independence, I want Justice please!
You do not chide or train the vehicle operator,
You give me a license for fresh notes of 500,
Then when I crash and destroy lives,
You blame it on alcohol
And tell the Youth-Get Sober,
We scream and shout
We protest and grovel,
"Give us what we deserve, The nation of our dreams"
You say-"A billion of you? Not possible."
Aah the Billion Excuse Again!
Today I pray-Give me freedom from Excuses please.
For today when you celebrate,
Do not forget this- True Patriots worry about the 1% problems,
When the rest are celebrating the 99% achievements,
We do need to Rise but also be Wise.
Happy Independence Day!

(Inspired By Mark Antony's Speech in William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar")

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