"It's time" said He,
That one who used to be me.
He smiled with fangs of pristine victory.
Oh, that thrill,
That sweet something,
How I forget that greatest thing?

The ecstasy of it all,
I used to be that Overall.
Worshippers I had ,even Bullies and Thugs,
Just was I for all weaklings,
The weakest man of all-yes, that’s me.
Had the power to do it all that he deemed clean.

For wisdom was my weapon,
And kindness my way,
I used to preach to those who were led astray.
Was I good? I know not now.
They Flowered me every chance bestowed,
And the fool in me danced about,
"It will stay forever, don't you ever fret about."

Then came she, the Queen of My Suffering.
How beautiful it would be if thou take her up for it,
That thou show mercy to me and persecute her instead,
The blame lies in her and me,
For no fool can be made with simple influence.

That thick skull shrinked,
And flowers bloomed in barren lands of logic,
They all warned but who was I to listen,
"The King is Slipping."
And covered in them rose tinted shades,
With the drug of passion always in,
I stood by as all I am crumbled.

I stood by as She left and went away,
That stranger who never cared anyway.
Now here I stand numbed away,
As the brother of mine takes charge today.
For he will be better that is for sure,
But now I question, "Was I ever good in any way?"
I stand by in the castle of silence,
Masking the turbulence with claps of joy,
For there be no greater shame in this world,

Than a King who is Dethroned.

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Shivani Desai said...
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Shivani Desai said...
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Shivani Desai said...

A good king may be dethroned, but never without leaving a mark in the hearts of people touched by his kindness/ wisdom.

And you are better than good, don't let the queen of suffering or anyone else for that matter, for even a second, make you think otherwise :)

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