The Perks Of Being A Cynic

                                                   My Idol - Gregory House,M.D.
"Cynics are killers of dream and hope. They are sad and depressed individuals who kill the joy in everything for everyone." Does that summarize the criticism levelled against my kind? Cynic is simply someone who does not trust people easily. I prefer to see myself as a cynic and pessimist. They both seem symbiotic to me. And I shall endeavour to list the perks of being in this exclusive club.
Faith In Humanity
You think the positive and the trustful have faith in humanity? Their belief and optimism gets shattered every time with  lies, disappointment, decadence or some other rotten reason. What are cynics busy doing? We are calling everyone out for what they are. We do not trust anyone. This way we leave scope for someone to surprise us. I am not saying those oh-please-warm-my-heart stories your read online or hear about on those numerous pages. It is those rare moments in your personal life, with a vivid history of lies, when someone chooses to always sticks to honesty, irrespective of the consequences. That surprise of finally getting what you deserve will be more overwhelming than that fake positivism you tell yourself in front of the mirror before you start your day. A surprised cynic has more faith in humanity than an eternal optimist who is let down every time he tries. Always.
Cynicism & Pessimism- The God's way
What is common between your elders and the astrologer who charges 500 an hour? They will both tell you that the hard times in your life are nothing but God "testing you". What is the first thought in your mind? Of the 7 billion people on earth, why is he testing only me? Then they come and tell you- "Oh, don't worry, you are not the only one being tested. Everyone is." And that is supposed to make you feel better........
Have you ever thought about this sentence? Everyone is being tested. Really? Well if they are, certainly not equally. What problems do you think Mukesh Ambani's children face? “Oh no, Father built a 27- floor building for the four of us." or “There are so many clothes, which one should I wear?". What problems do you face? “Do I have enough money to survive the end of the month?" “I need to buy new clothes. Must wait for the sale". I do not know about you, but I will choose problems of Excess over Shortage, ANY DAY.
If you are negative, you anticipate problems better. Every morning you will wake up, waiting for something to go wrong. And your mental preparation always ensures that more than half of the problem is solved. Personal Experience. Each day would pass with hurdles. And the days that didn't, I called them Good Days.

You aren't convinced are you? Well then let’s try your way, shall we? I will be positive and ask the universe for something and it will give it to me right? So here it goes. Eyes closed.
I want a white unicorn to come and fly me away to Neverland. Eyes closed for a while.
Sorry no Unicorn came.
Stop throwing those- warms-this-heart-faith-restored- stories. If you read one positive story about humans helping each other, also share the two morose stories of children in war-torn Afghanistan and Africa. If you want to talk about Humans Of New York/Mumbai/New Delhi/London etc etc, also talk about those racist bastards in the cities who discriminate and spew hate or the number of accidents in one day.

But if this dysfunctional reliance on optimism is the only way you can get out of bed every day, live in that bubble with your rose tinted shades. Have a good life. But don't come and impugn me on my cynical lifestyle, beliefs and talks. That is my bubble and it helps me wake up every morning.

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