Have you seen that Girl?

"Sadness is natural. Silliness is foolish."
"Man, they got it wrong!" She screams in defiance.
Have you seen that Girl?

"We gonna be telling you what to do and how."
"Well you can try all you want, but I will stand as I want."
Yes, yes I know that Girl!

When I lied in the deepest trenches of self-doubt,
When misery seemed the natural way of my life,
Someone came to me to laugh it all away with a smile,
Have you seen that girl in your life?

She proclaims neither to be saint nor sinner,
She works to be a better human each day,
But she fails because of one major flaw,
Her heart be wider than any human heart anyone ever saw.

They judge, she blesses them away,
They gossip, she gives them a microphone
To hear them spew the hate,
They complain and protest,
She busy finishes it and rests.

To the naked eye she seems lost,
But to those who have the right Glass,
She is the most determined being you ever meet,
And then you wish and pray for an apology.

She believes in fun and graveness.
She believes in the world but more in herself.
She will see the world and always be homely,
She is as eccentric as I hope to be.

Have you seen that girl? I ask again.
For I sure have and see her everyday,
I am not alone as so did Mick and Keith,
For she is the one whom they call Ruby.

As this feeble bouquet of words will not suffice,
Neither will the coming line.
For she is much more than I ever can write.
Here is to you, My Ruby,
For whenever the need will arise,
I stand here as your brother and we will Always survive.
As they sang so correctly, I say it again,
"When You Change with Every New Day,
Still I am going to Miss You."

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Beautiful words man!!

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