If Only....

If only I wasn't born,
You wouldn't have to bear this lyrical atrocity.
If only I didn't live,
A kid somewhere could feed.
If only I made peace with life,
I would not be sharing this sad soliloquy ,
Alone and unsatisfied.

If only I had a normal youth,
Filled with friends and laughter,
Not drifters and shape-shifters,
I wouldn't need to write at all.

If only I loved those pretty pearly things,
Take them as I see them,
And not go hunting for the decadence inside,
I would be happy pretending,
That all pretty things that shine are mine.

If only I didn't think so much,
I would love as I live,
And live as I love.

If only I was normal,
In the sane acceptable world way,
I would have riches of fun and laughter,
And be the same like them all.

If only I could accept mediocrity,
Be grateful in whatever I could be,
Not be a race rat, out to shine in the world,
But be a good man who doesn't complain much.

If only I could not make dreams my master,
But inherit them as a guide,
Face reality as it is,
And never let it break my heart.

If only I could lust without love, 
And never want more.

If only I could be loved more,
More than what my "beating fool" gives,
To have more kindness and faith bestowed,
Than that which I show again and again.

If only I could see the flowers of peace they offer,
And be blind to the daggers of betrayal they shower.

If only I could be poor and pay with kindness,
Not run around being a slave,
To those paper idols.
If only my word be my wealth,
And my actions my payment,
What need is there then for greed?

If only I was ignorant and devoid of any morals,
To all that ails and derails the world,
If only I didn’t panic at the chaos of this Earth,
But be naïve and unworthy,
Like the fools who mock me.

If only I saw the world from your eyes,
If only I could seduce fate to be kind,
If only I could be Kipling's "Man",
Then dreams cease to be necessary.

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Abigail said...

:) Good one bro!

Team BlogAdda said...

This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

Crimson Curls said...

lovely poem! each word and each line pinched as the sad truth ! :)

Surabhi Ghosh said...

beautiful poem....loved it :)


Siddhartha Joshi said...

Beautiful and moving...

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