For The Love Of God or For The Love Of A Human?

I do not understand atheists. I cannot fathom the inner workings of a fanatic or a zealot's brain. The reason is that neither of them have any factual proof to support their respective beliefs.

An atheist believes there is no God or Gods. How do you know for a fact? Did you conduct a scientific research into the paranormal and come to a conclusion about something which might lie beyond rational thought? More often than not, I find cynics and narcissists proclaiming loudly that there is no God because the world is so miserable. That is like blaming your parents because you screwed up your adult life. "There is no God" or "God is dead" is in my opinion the best defense mechanism one can employ when overwhelmed with the sadness and futility of the world.

A fanatic or zealot on the other hand, feels so empowered by his beliefs and assumptions, that he or she dismisses anything which might question these beliefs or possess a different insight. They believe that their religion or god is the only true one. The same question applies- how do you know? What if you are praying to the same entity with a different name? What if there is more than one God who govern us 7 billion greedy souls as a congregation because it is too much madness even for an omnipotent? I often find the extremists and bigoted religious people the true atheists. From the centuries old killings and riots to the modern-day ISIS threat, it is the simple notion to kill any "non-believer" which is a telling sign of a lack of faith in one's religion and God.
If you need to abuse, insult or kill another human being to defend your religion, you have never had faith to start with. You are the true atheist.
I would classify myself as a rational believer. I am certain in my faith and belief that God exists. This assurance comes from the simple realization that if humans are the dominant beings of the universe, there is no hope. And I cannot lose hope( too much else has already been lost I am afraid). There are also the common arguments given by millions of believers , which I concur with, that science hasn't proved everything, there are so many things we don't do understand etc. But where my beliefs differ from that of a traditional religious human is that I do not believe in the form and nature of God every religion advocates.

Every religion agrees that God is supreme and not human. Then why will he have any human qualities? "God Loves You", "God Cries For You" and the scores of banalities which try to convince you that God feels. How? Aren't feelings and rationality a human characteristic? What if when you die and meet God, you see a shapeless light or entity beyond the realm of our limited knowledge? What if Heaven is simply sitting in front of him and not saying a word or emotion? 
"God created Man in his own image." The truth is Man created his version of God in his own image.
Should we love God? I guess we should.  Will it matter after our time here is done? There is no certain answer to it. But as a newborn child naturally loves his/her parent, we will always love him, even if He is above these human trivialities. But what if we lose faith along the way and find it in our love for humans? Which love is more vital?

Religion was created to enact a way of life with God as the leader. The customs, rituals and teachings would shape a person's beliefs and goals within a pious and sometimes strict framework. Anything which went against these guidelines was dubbed blasphemous. Now what if you devise a similar holy approach to life not from the love for God but from the love for a human. What if the mere act of loving a human being gives you the strength you get after a hundred sermons? A love where you unconsciously set yourself rules and rituals much like a religion only kinder and less cumbersome. Hope, optimism and a sense of connection with something bigger than you is esteemed as the goal of religion/prayers in almost all religions of the world. Aren't those achieved by loving and being loved by someone too?

I may have stated my beliefs before and they still are true. But if at any point I find myself in doubt over them, I find that my insecurities are squashed by my love for a human being. It satiates my panic and helps me have faith when it is the toughest to have. Forgive me if I am blasphemous, but yes, I found God through human love. And he hasn't afflicted me yet. *fingers crossed*

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