"Thoda Writing Shiting Karna Hain"

About This Photo: A couple of months back my friends shared this photo saying that this is what my future would look like. I was unperturbed. I am thinking -"Yeah...So?"

I know what you are thinking and it's not true. All my friends are not Punjabi. But yes, they often talk like them "Writing Shiting", "Ki Pharak Penda Hain" and "Oye hoye" among others. I think Punjabis are the White People of India-everyone wants to be them. 

Apologies for the detour. Yes I write. I have been blogging since 2011. But my friends seemed to have discovered that only in 2012. As it happens in the 21st Century, if you learn someone is good ( or in my case, moderately average) in something, you immediately question how you can use it to your benefit.

Kuch Bhi, Par Mast Hona Chahiye

The requests would always be small and simple at first. "Principal Ko Letter", " Facebook page description". This is not a stressful demand at all. But fashion in which some requests would be made was akin to the way Indians treat everything.

Indian- Hi, I want something classy.

Artist/Creative person/ Me: Can you be more descriptive?

Indian- Arrey kuch bhi de do, par ekdum mast hona chahiye. Like... Ekdum!

Suddenly, a friend helping you out is converted into an assignment for him where he is responsible for everything, with no input from you! Being a cowardly nerd since school, I was obviously acquainted in doing other people's work for them. The bully who is behind you to copy your work, the friend who is pleading and begging to help him and of course, the pretty girl who you will help even if she hasn't asked for it. 

But what fascinated me in this instance was that while I am writing some boring letter to the principal in the day, I have poems and stories breathing in me by the night. It is one of those rare passions which demands to burst out at the seams. Don't get my point? Imagine the thrill of dancing after a long time, singing your heart out or playing an instrument you thought you had almost forgotten. It was that intense. And then imagine the people in your life standing around to extort favours from you with no respect or care for that passion. 

"Don't Think So Much"

I am not going on a rant here. Rants have no purpose. This post does. My friends and acquaintances who have asked me for help have never exploited me. I have often refused people who have tried to just take advantage of my skills. But even among those who I do help, I see a failure to understand how I or writing functions.

They give pearls of life advice like -" Don't Think So Much."or " Tu Bahut Sochta Hain." This is absolutely true. I do think a lot and sometimes, even at the cost of my well-being. But it is this ability to think a lot which creates epiphanies and observations which others miss. You think a dumb person could write- Seeking Dinosaurs Like Me? or Guilt Porn

I have often noticed that those who do tell me  "Don't think so much" are just pissed off about how right I am. No one likes being predictable. And I am right most of the times, even to my own disadvantage. It is this ability, for good or bad, which has helped me avoid many things in life.

"Don't Feel So Much"

"They will first vacate their brains and autonomy. Then, they will destroy even those impulses which make them human- emotions. Before you know it, we have already lost."- Every Sci-Fi Movie which predicts the overthrowing of humans by robots or Artificial Intelligence.

I could use a little less of my cerebral facilities. I agree. So then I can compensate with impulse and emotions? No not really. Apparently, having feelings is too much of a drag as well. 

This is really dicey for me because for almost two years, it is the impulsive emotions which have been at the forefront for me. They guide me and not to mention, bolster my writing. I would have not started writing or pushed it, if it were not for the things that moved me. My ability to feel or empathise has led me to write so much- I Cover You,  Mera Bigot India,  A Letter To My Nephew etc. Infact, it is what helps me when you, my friends, ask me to write something for you- an all-important essay, a thank you note, a bio description etc. I can write well because I can fit inside your shoes, your thoughts and struggles and imagine your voice. Still have a problem because I "feel too much"?

"There was never any such intention man.."
For those among my friends who have a little semblance of a conscience are by now framing this in their mind to tell me- "Arrey, tu toh Senti ho gaya yaar. It was never our intention..." Can I be honest for a moment? If you ever apologise, don't start with intention. Sure, mention that there was no conscience attempt to cause any hurt or upset. But as far as an apology goes, intention "Jaaye Gand Marane". Also, unless you are Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Terminator or a psychopath like Hannibal Lecter, even you get Senti. You just have a better job of repressing it. So don't mention Senti unless you want to be flicked off.

Some of my friends do lack a conscience or are afflicted with the 21st Century disease of guilt avoidance. So I will need to break it down like a BMS answer-

1) I have no problem helping you out if you are dear to me. Just don't think I am some content writing machine which can just make something up which was supposed to be made by you. Help me with understanding what you want.

2) Appreciate, Appreciate, And Appreciate.

3) Reciprocate by doing a small task of reading something I send- written by me or someone else. Drop in constructive feedback. I know you live out there in the real world where you claim to not have time or don't believe that words matter. But the truth is, they do. Words have changed the world. And like it or not, somewhere in this world, a few words will have more impact on the world than your entire frigging life.

What has prompted me to say all this? Let's see. I have written people's essays, page descriptions, bios, mails etc. I was once asked to go to my dad's friends office to give him a name for a brand- a job even a thesaurus could accomplish ( What did I do upon reaching there- go to Thesaurus.com).
I was asked , very nicely to help write content for an imitation jewelry website, describing the various products on display. So from telling a woman that she is pretty as she is in a poem, I had to sit and tell them that they so need this to look stunning.

Don't be scared to ask me for help. Just accept that your attitude till now has been leaving something to be desired. Lastly and more importantly,

My Ability To Think, Analyze and Empathize is among my most cherished gifts. It is what makes me-Me.

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