Bells and chimes have started,
Lord save me, I don't want it!

"Vital it must be, go see it",
A lie I say to quell the uneasiness,
Just a forward but now I am in it,
My 'Hotel California' it is.

The hidden voyeur is just gearing up,
Ready to snoop-prowl all that he seems fit.

The stagnant chat with no replies in hours,
But a change in the face mask shows a lie,
You scurry for answers to this anomaly,
Why you are caste aside with 'No Reply'.

Survey them all to see a change,
Now go to play some game.

Kill those bots made of some bits,
See that funny video you received,
Read those funny lists or anything,
"Don't think. Don't think."

Time to visit StalkerBook,
Let's see what happened in one hour.

Some got married, some got a promotion,
They made it in life and here you are still,
Force a laugh on that meme, 
Salivate over the One who never could be.

Scroll down, scroll down,
Look for something you don't know.
Wait, what have we here?
They don't reply but are staying here.

You call to ask an explanation,
"Hi there" I said waiting,
"Busy" they lie again.

They ask you to be a chatbox,
A window of fun and mirth,
Less human the better,
Just please don't call.

Throw it or crush it,
Burn it or sell it,
Just keep this malaise away.

A disease I will never touch again,
It's only for those with no empathy.

But wait, here comes the chime and bells,
God help me, I am addicted.
So much have we progressed,
The only thing we now seek is
Actual Human Contact.

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Destination Infinity said...

Human nature is the same - online or offline. Technology is just a medium.

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