My Best Friend

Do you remember me?
Your best friend of decades.
Do you remember me Mr Perfect?
C’mon now, ofcourse you do.

When that shifty happiness betrayed you,
Who came over with the drinks?
When the lies contentment fed you fell apart,
Who did you come crawling back to but me?

Remember what your folks taught you,
Keep me close and you will do good.
The bold can go and conquer the world,
You will survive only if you serve it first.

But we haven’t talked in a while, have we?
What’s that bogus that confidence has fed you?
“Everything will be fine”
Says who?

What’s that shit cavalier has got you smoking?
What sermon did nihilism preach?
“Nothing matters in the long run”
But I only need the short.

The lonely sweaty nights,
Where I got your heart pacing,
I caged you in your doubt
And threw away the key.
Have you forgotten?

The paces you took talking to me,
The hours I tormented your soul,
The futile cries of help you bawled,
Need I remind you of that pain?

I do wish I could have been sweeter,
Eased you in rather than punch the hurt,
But look what all you have done!

I made you the diligent prodigy you wanted to be,
Not some artistic blasphemy.
The laggards hailed you as the Messiah,
Have you forgotten the respect you got?

But I must confess,
I did lie to you with spooks and omens,
The hardwork and honesty that you put in,
Lost in credit to superstition.

“Repetition of your name everyday,
Will make that ill-timed fate walk away”

What a fool we made out of you!
I must confess that it was mean,
But wasn’t it fun too?

Now I am back and you seem hesitant
“There is nothing to fear, but me itself”
That Roosevelt sure did say the darnedest jokes,
I am your soulmate my boy,
Come on open up!

I will not hurt you like I did before,
But I must punish you for
This path that you have taken.
It will be over quick and easy,
And all these fairytales will be gone,
If you just listen to me,
And my buddy,
Mr Reasonable Doubt.

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