Can I Just Say I Am Tired?

The youth I hold imprisons me,
Ambition enslaves the will to breathe,
I am scared to tell you this my dear,
But can't I just get some sleep?

The arrows of horror pierce deep,
Each new day taxes compassion.
The lovers might kiss,
The children might glee,
But far away dances a tragedy.

Cycles of misfortunes make the heart sick, 
But nothing makes me sicker than those who made it.

Everything I learn leads me to nothing,
Words I offer come in silence.
I fear the lovers I want,
I hate the lovers I have.

Fools are made into messiahs,
Messiahs are asked to deign to mediocrity.

Future awaits for all but me,
I cannot fake the cheer you seek.
Build me a mausoleum of all things gone,
I will be a happy kid before long.

If I don't write you back,
Please don't be upset.
A sweet sleep has seduced me,
Not some self-righteous contempt.

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